How to Find a Plumbing Leak

Leakage Of Water From Stainless Steel Pipe On Gray Background

How Much Does a Plumber Charge to Fix a Leaking Pipe?

Plumbing leak repair is critical whether you are a new homeowner, or whether you have owned your home for a number of years. Whether pipes are leaking in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, all those little droplets add up. The sooner you get your plumbing fixed, the fewer worries you’re going to have of those small leaks turning into big ones, and damaging floors, carpets, and sub-floors. So how much does it cost to fix a leaking pipe? There are two different costs you have to factor in: the type of leak you have, and the hourly labor, or service fee, you’re going to have. Many plumbers will consider a flat fee after they consider the time, materials and labor requirements of a plumbing repair job.

You will also need to consider whether or not your supposedly simple pipe repair is actually a symptom of a larger problem. Discovery of a larger plumbing issue will inevitably drive up your bill. That’s why it’s important to have plumbing leak repair.

How Do I Stop My Plumbing from Leaking?

There are different types of leaks, and there are repairs for different problems. The best way to tackle any plumbing issue is to stop it from happening in the first place. There are a few basic things that you can do to ensure you’re on top of your plumbing before your plumbing gets on top of you.

  • Wrap your pipes in heat. Focus on your exterior piping – if, for instance, your cold-water pipes touch the exterior portion of your building, the pipes will likely freeze. Insulate these pipes to ensure fewer water problems during the winter months.
  • Look at your pipes. Look at the visible pipes in your house. If you see any rust, buckling, or droplets of water, it’s time to get involved.
  • Set back the spigot valve. In some cases, it’s a good idea to install a frost-free hose bib, especially if the pipe is going through a cement foundation. This installation will allow you to shut off the water closer to the inside of the home and prevent freezing.

Can a Plumber Find a Water Leak?

While a homeowner may have a difficult time tracking down the source of a water leak, a master plumber will have a much easier time, and with a higher efficiency rate. A master plumber will ask you a series of relevant questions, which will allow him to deduce a theory. A master plumber must acquire the ability to call himself such a name through a series of tests, certification standards, and a lengthy apprenticeship. This enables a master plumber to get the job done correctly, and well, the first time.

A pipe showing freeze damage

How Do You Find a Hidden Water Leak?

If you have a hidden water leak, there are a number of ways you can ascertain where the leak has occurred. One of the ways you can do this is through the assistance of a camera in the line to visually inspect it. Another way your plumber will be able to locate the source of the leak is through using pressurized gas. The gas can either be helium or hydrogen gas. The use of pressurized gas will allow your plumber to locate the source of the leak without damaging the house. Another way your plumber will be able to deduce the source of a plumbing leak is through using smoke testing.

Can Clogged Pipes Cause Leaks?

There is no question that a clogged pipe can cause a leak. With no other way for the water to become distributed, the water will eventually find crevices and other places where it can pass through. If you have a clog, don’t be surprised to find leaks in extremely odd places. After all, water doesn’t discriminate – it will find a way due to the pressure.

Plumbing Leak in the Wall

When you notice condensation on the wall, or a puddle on the floor, it’s time to start searching for the source of the leak now. While you are going to want to secure a plumber for the ultimate task of fixing the leak, you can save yourself time, money, and damage, by locating the leak yourself. In a systematic fashion, look for a leak above the area where you noticed the water. The water you’ve found may have traveled far from the leak. Identify the walls that contain water pipes by looking where the pipes go up from the lower areas of the house (such as the basement). Check where pipes enter the walls in bathrooms and in the kitchen. Plumbing Maintenance in Oak Park, IL is available for residents of Chicago, Illinois.

If you notice a hissing sound, or a dripping sound, you have narrowed down your search dramatically. You can now call your plumber, or start opening walls yourself.

Plumbing Leak in Basement

A flooded basement is a tragic state of affairs. When you have a basement leak, you need fast action, and reliable service. Even one inch of water can lead to serious problems in a basement. If you notice that there is moisture in your basement, consult your trusted plumbing professional immediately. Alternatively, if you notice moisture appears after a large storm, you might be in need of storm damage repair.

Plumbing Leak and Mold

Signs of mold from a water leak include the visible presence of mold, which is typically black or grey in color. Whether the mold is patchy or streaky, you’ll want to address the problem and see how far gone the mold is. If the problem is diagnosed to be a leaky pipe, start with fixing the source of the water first. Then you can take steps to alleviate the mold.

Plumbing and Leak Detection

Whether the leak in your home originates under a concrete slab, in an attic, inside a wall, or underneath a toilet, a fixed pipe is a dry pipe. Consult your local, licensed plumber to fix your plumbing today! Call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts in the Oak Park, Il area for all your plumbing leak needs: 708-934-4115.