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With so many pipes, pumps, and appliances in your home’s kitchen and bathroom, there are a ton of plumbing disasters that could happen. A clogged sink creates bad odors and creates water overflow. A leaky faucet wastes ton of water and increases your water bill. Burst water pipes result in leaks that can lead to flooding, mold growth, or slab leaks. If you are having any bathroom or kitchen plumbing issue in Oak Park, Il, call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 for repairs today.

Along with kitchen and bathroom plumbing services, we also provide kitchen and bathroom remodeling services! If you are repairing or replacing all the pipes in your bathroom or kitchen, why don’t go ahead and upgrade to the dream rooms you’ve always wanted?

Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing

The kitchen and bathroom are the two most used rooms in a home, each being used multiple times a day. Because of the constant use, plumbing gets worn down over time and breakdowns are bound to occur. Having plumbing maintenance can help you know how to avoid some common kitchen and bathroom plumbing repairs like clogs. Call the plumbers at Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts to perform an inspection or repair of your essential plumbing appliances if you are having any issues.


The most common plumbing repair call we get for kitchens are clogged sinks. Improperly disposed food, silverware getting caught in the garbage disposal, and grease buildup can all lead to homeowners needing sink repair. We also provide repairs for leaking sinks and installation or repair of garbage disposals.


It can be argued that the bathroom is used even more a day than the kitchen. From showers to toilets to washing hands in the sink, the bathroom contains so many plumbing parts. Clogs often happen here from shampoo, soap, hair, and waste buildup. Too big of clogs can result in appliances like your toilet overflowing and flooding your bathroom! For plumbing issues like flooding, Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts provides emergency repair services and are available 24 hours a day. Leaks are also common as showers and toilets get cracks in the porcelain, or the tile in the floors or walls begins to come loose.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Everyone dreams of having the perfect home, but many people can’t afford it, so they opt to only renovate certain rooms in the house. The room most chosen to get a makeover is the bathroom since it is where people spend the most time throughout their lives. Turn that small bathroom where your knees once used to hit the sink when using the toilet into a relaxing oasis with more space and comforts. Call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 to schedule your bathroom remodel appointment in Oak Park, Il.

Get The Bathroom Of Your Dreams With A Bathroom Remodeling

Affordable Bathroom Remodels

Many people end up calling the wrong kind of contractor when undergoing a bathroom remodeling project. They hire “bathroom remodelers” offering the lowest price, but who will do the worst installations, ending up costing you more in repairs. And besides, who knows bathrooms and piping better than plumbers? When you call us for help remodeling your bathroom, we can properly execute removal, movement, and replacement of plumbing and appliances without harming your water system that could result in flooding. Contractors with no plumbing experience risk that happening. The bathroom remodel services that Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts offers include:

  • Shower, tub, toilet, and sink installation or repairs
  • Grout and tile installation or repair
  • Lighting fixtures and ventilation
  • Countertop, cabinet, and mirror installation or repairs
  • Heated floor installation or repairs

Shower and Tub

Showers and Bathtubs

From clogs to leaks and cracks, if you need shower or tub repair in Oak Park, Il, we are the plumbing company to call at 708-934-4115! Clogs can happen in the tub drain or can be deeper down in the pipes. If the clogs get too big, the pipes can burst and leak! Leaks can also happen from broken tile or porcelain of the tub bottom. Not getting repairs for your bathtub or shower could result in expensive damages like full appliance replacements or mold removal!

Signs You Need Shower and Tub Repair

Some damages like a crack in the tub or broken shower handle may not seem like they need attending to, but over time, the damages will continue to build up until the shower or tub is unusable. Don’t let this happen and call us for tub drain repair if you notice any of these signs of damage.

Shower and Tub Repairs

Updating Your Bathtub and Shower Can Give You The Bathroom You Want And Improve Home Value.

  • Clogged Drains: The most common repair call for showers and tubs are clogs. Shampoo, hair, soap, and mineral deposits all build up over time in pipes until passage of water is blocked. While most of the time, clogs are easy to remove if they are at the drain level, when they get pushed deeper into the pipes, they require professional removal.
  • Low Water Pressure: While sometimes low water pressure is due to the city’s water pressure that cannot be changed (in which case you can install a water pressure booster to increase it), other times it indicate that you have a clog deep in the pipes or a pipe has burst and is leaking behind your foundation.
  • Slow Drainage: Slow drainage is usually the result of a clog. If a clog is not the problem, issues like a broken pipe or improperly drained water could be the culprits. If water is not draining, it poses a health risk, while broken pipes behind walls result in slab leaks and mold growth.
  • No Hot Water: If you are taking a shower and the water turns cold halfway through, it is because you’ve used up all the hot water in your water heater. But if the water is cold when you turn on the shower, then your water heater is broken or leaking and needs repairs or replacing.
  • Loud Pipes: If whenever you start your shower, you hear knocking or banging sounds in your pipes, it is is sign that your pipe valves are loose or the water pressure is too high. Both results lead to leaks as the banging noises are the pipes jerking and moving, becoming loose and springing a leak.



Ever since its invention, the modern toilet has become an indispensable item for people everywhere. So it is understandable when it is not able to be used due to damages like clogs, leaks, or complete break down. Just like anything, toilets experience wear and tear over their lifetime and will need repairs or replacements eventually. For toilet repair in Oak Park, Il, contact Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115.

Toilet Repair

Your Toilet Is One of The Most Important Parts Of Your Plumbing. Keep It At Its Best.

Toilet Tank Repair Service

It is a frightening thought to think about being without a toilet in your home. Don’t risk that chance and be sure to keep an eye on your toilet for any signs of damage. When you call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts, we can repair or replace your toilet quickly. We can even help you pick out your new toilet, helping you find the most affordable and energy efficient commode along with whatever extra benefits you would like. These include self opening seats, wall installed, bidets, heated seats, and more! If you notice any of the below signs of damage happening to your toilet, call our plumbers for repair now. If your toilet is seriously clogged or overflowing, we also provide emergency repair services that are available 24/7.

  • Toilet won’t flush
  • Constant clogging
  • Noisy
  • Leaking
  • Cracks in the tank or basin
  • Toilet is slow to fill up
  • Toilet is wobbly
  • You have had your toilet for over a decade
  • Constantly running or flushing

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

If you have bought a pre-built home, you know that the installation of kitchen appliances don’t always match to your needs. For example, the refrigerator may be too far from the sink or stove. Or maybe you’ve always wanted an island installed with an additional sink. If these sound like repairs and renovations you are interested in, our kitchen remodeling contractors can help get you the kitchen of your dreams! For premier kitchen remodel services in Oak Park, Il, call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 today.

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Kitchen Remodel

Let Us Help You Get Your Dream Kitchen.

Whether you have a planned idea of everything you want your kitchen remodel to be, down to the design and model number of plumbing appliances, or are just tired of looking at those 1970s wood cabinets, call us for kitchen remodeling today! Types of work we do in kitchen renovation include:

  • Countertop installation and repair
  • Cabinet installation and repair (Both custom-built cabinetry fabrication and store-bought cabinetry additions)
  • Tile installation and repair
  • Tile backsplash installation
  • Drywall repair and finishing
  • Faucet and sink replacement or repair
  • Updated countertops and new fixtures
  • Painting or molding additions

Faucet and Sink

Sink Faucet Repair

No matter if it is a sink in your bathroom, kitchen, workroom, or specialized room, Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts can repair it! While a lot of the signs of sink or faucet damage are indications of water pipe issues, there could be times when your counter, handles, or other parts of your sink may need repairs or replacing. From small repairs like fixing a squeaky faucet handle to larger maintenance needs like replacing a burst sink pipe, we are the plumbers to call if you are having any issues with your sink or faucet. Leaky faucet repair in Oak Park, Il at an affordable price is available from Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts when you call us at 708-934-4115 to schedule an appointment.

Signs You Need Sink or Faucet Repair

Faucet and Sink

Let Us Keep Your Faucet Working The Way It Was Supposed To.

A serious and great way to tell that you need sink or faucet repair is to look at is the color of your water. White cloudy water means air in the pipes from a leak. Red or brown water signals rust, dirt, or even sewage, which is known as backflow. Some important things to look for to tell that you need sink or faucet repair include:

  • Oddly Colored Water
  • Odors
  • Poor Water Pressure
  • Slow Drainage
  • Leaking or Continual Dripping
  • Leaky Faucet

Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals are a great addition to kitchens, helping to cut down on landfill waste and trash by grinding up biodegradable food and flushing it down the sewage system. But if the wrong items or foods are grinded up by the garbage disposal, it can cause the machine to break down. Items like silverware and peeled vegetable skins damage the teeth of the disposal and cause it to break down, requiring you to replace your garbage disposal or get garbage disposal installation or repair. If you need garbage disposal assistance in Oak Park, Il like installation or repairs, call the Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts plumbers at 708-934-4115 today.

Food That Makes a Garbage Disposal Clogged

Garbage Disposal

Avoid Putting High Starch Foods Into Your Garbage Disposal.

You would think that all food would be able to be flushed down the drain and grinded up by a garbage disposal, but that is not the case. Some foods that should never be put down the garbage disposal include:

  • Egg Shells: This old wives’ tale has caused many garbage disposals to breakdown. The claim that the egg shells clean and sharpen the disposal’s teeth are false. As the shells are grinded up, they turn into a mushy sand-like substance that can’t flow through the drain, leading to clogs.
  • Grease: Your garbage disposal may not be working if you have poured a lot of grease and oil down the pipes. Grease and oil are extremely thick, and coat the inside of your pipes, leading to clogs. Since they aren’t properly flushed through your pipes, they develop bad smells over time.
  • Fiber: Fibrous foods like artichokes and corn husks are too thick to be chopped up, and the pieces that are get tangled around the teeth of the machine, causing appliance failure and clogged pipes.
  • Starch: Ever eaten a cracker and drank water, only to feel like the food expanded in your mouth? That is what happens when starch is flushed down the drain. Starch like rice, potatoes, and beans mixed with water turns into a paste that expands and blocks the passage of water.

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Faucet and Sink

We Can Install Or Repair Any Sink You Need.

Not only will you get your dream renovation when you call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts for your bathroom remodel project in Oak Park, Il, but you get all new plumbing! Choosing new plumbing and appliances allows you to make decisions like whether you want energy efficient products, eco-friendly products, or products with specific styles and color schemes. The experts at Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts are more than happy to help you choose and can assist you by telling you the advantages and disadvantages of the plumbing items you are considering. Call us at 708-934-4115 to schedule your kitchen and bathroom remodeling or plumbing repair appointment today!