Main Line Plumbing Repair

A Busted Pipe and Blurred Water

A Break in Your Main Water Line will Lead to Expensive Utility Bills if Not Corrected Quickly.

We often take access to common necessities like electricity and water for granted. So when one of our key resources is suddenly unavailable, it really sends us into a panic. If you find that your home is without water due to main line plumbing issues, call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts today at 708-934-4115! We provide main water line repairs in Oak Park, Il.

Do You Need Plumbing Main Line Replacement?

Water Flowing from a Leaky Pipe

Our Expert Plumbers will Quickly Identify the Source of Your Water Leak.

Signs to look out for to indicate that your main line is damaged include things like dirt in the water, low water pressure, or spikes in your water bill due to a water leak. The main water line is located underground, so the most common symptoms of a damaged water line will be noticing dirt and granules getting into your water from a crack in the line. If there is a crack, low water pressure will also occur as water is seeping out of the hole. The main water line can get damaged from tree root invasion, rust, or old age. Call us today and we can use our sewer inspection camera to locate and identify the pipeline problem and perform trenchless pipe repair.

Frozen Pipe Repair

Frozen Pipe Repair

Frozen Pipe Repair

Prepare Your Pipes To Avoid Any Damage In The Winter.

Ever come back from a winter vacation only to discover that a pipe has frozen and burst in your home? While common for many homeowners, it could have been prevented with a little frozen pipe preventative know how. Frozen pipes can occur both inside and outside and effect both plastic and metal pipes. If you need frozen pipe repair in Oak Park, Il, call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 today.

How To Prevent a Frozen Pipe in the Wall

When temperatures drop below freezing, water freezes. If water is inside a pipe when temperatures get that cold, the water will turn to ice, causing the pipe to expand. The pipe gets pushed to its limits and bursts.

You can prevent your pipes from bursting due to being frozen by taking preventative measures. Working for both inside and outside pipes, if you let your faucets drip water, this keeps a constant flow of water inside the pipes and prevents water from being able to sit in one spot and freeze. A lot of your water pipes are found under cabinets in your bathroom and kitchen. Opening up your cabinet doors and allowing room temperature to touch your pipes helps keep them insulated and warm.

Burst Water Pipe

Burst Water Pipe Repair

Frozen Water Pipes Often Burst, Causing Leaks

Burst water pipes cause all sorts of problems in a house! Leaks, low water pressure, an increased water bill after a pipe burst, slab leaks, and flooding can all happen as a result of a water pipe that has burst. If you notice leaks or see that there is a hole in your pipe, call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 for burst water pipe repair in Oak Park, Il.

Did Your Water Pipe Burst?

A water pipe can burst for numerous reasons. Old age and weakened pipes are more susceptible to damage. Pipes get worn down over time from rust and mineral deposit buildup, clogs, constant repairs, or tree root growth. If you feel like you are constantly having to call for repairs due to a burst water pipe, repiping your plumbing might be the best solution for you as your plumbing will be replaced with new pipes.

When pipes freeze in cold weather, they expand. Pipes also expand when clogs get too big. Both lead to explosions. You can notice if your pipes have expanded and exploded by leaks, flooding, or low water pressure from the holes now created in the pipes from the release of pressure. If a water pipe burst and resulted in flooding, we do offer emergency repair of your burst water pipe, so call us as soon as possible to prevent burst pipe water damage.

Broken Pipe Repair

Busted, Rusted & Broken Pipe Repair

Water pipes are complex parts of the plumbing system that can do many different things. So it makes sense that they can get damaged in many different ways. A pipe can get frozen, clogged, burst, busted, rusted, broken, and more! If you need broken water pipe repair in Oak Park, Il, call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 today.

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A Pipe Spewing Water

Busted Pipes Waste Water and Lower Your Home’s Water Pressure.

Busted Pipe: Busted water pipe repair is needed when pipes burst due to clogs, freezing, or having tree roots impede it. You can tell if you have a busted water pipe under your house by water seeping into your yard. This needed to be repaired quickly as busted underground pipes can result in expensive slab leak repairs if left unrepaired.

Rusted Pipe: A lot of pipes are made out of metal. Over time, the pipes will rust naturally, and small pieces will get into the water line. Rust causes your metal pipes to break down. Rusted pipe repair can also be needed due to natural chemicals found in the ground and water that create sediment buildup over time and produces clogs in the pipes.

Broken Pipe: A broken pipe can occur anywhere for any reason.Most often caused by old age, freezing, or clogs, broken pipes can result in flooding or mold growth from the leaks. If the broken water pipe was in the wall, it could lead to a slab leak.

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Heavily Rusted Pipes

Replacing Heavily Rusted Pipes Will Help You Avoid Sudden Pipe Failure Later.

With advanced technology like sewer inspection cameras, we are able to quickly and noninvasively find what is wrong with your underground main water line and provide swift and accurate repairs instead of leaving it up to guesswork like the old days. We can use trenchless pipe repair to fix your damaged water line and cause as minimal as destruction to your yard as possible when excavating your yard to reach your underground pipeline. Get back to having clean, safe, and normally pressured water when you call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts for main line plumbing repair in Oak Park, Il. Call us today at 708-934-4115 to set up your appointment.