Types Of Pumps in Oak Park, Il

In every plumbing system, you will find pipes, valves, and pumps. While pipes help move water and waste and valves stop or drain them, pumps are a mixture of the two. Pumps play an important role in plumbing systems but are often overlooked. A plumbing pump will move waste out of the home and water to and from it, helping to maintain water levels to prevent floods and to provide water on demand. If you are having trouble with a plumbing pump in your Oak Park, Il home and need repairs or replacements, call the plumbers at Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 today.

Plumbing Water Pump Types

types of pumps

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There is not just one simple pump for the water line and one pump for the sewage line of the plumbing system. A plumbing system involves the use of multiple pumps to perform various duties.

Sewage Pumps: A grinder pump chops up sewage so it is able to easily flow through the sewage line without causing clogs. The sewage travels to the septic tank, where tons of wastewater is stored until a certain point. Then, the lift station pump pumps the sewage from the home to the city sewer lines to be properly disposed of. Those are just 3 out of many more sewage pumps that homes need to execute the safe and sanitary disposal of waste.

Water Pumps: Water pumps are generally used to control water levels and water pressure, or to help push water uphill. Sometimes you will see a lift station pump also working to transport waste and water up and down steep inclines. A water pressure booster pump helps to increase the low water pressure of your main water line. Sump pumps and sump pump backups help to prevent homes from flooding, and are especially needed in houses that have basements. Sometimes rural homeowners will have their own well, so well pumps are needed to fetch the water from deep underground.

Booster Pump Repair

Water Pressure Booster Pump Repair

Booster Pump Repair

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Are you experiencing low water pressure whenever you take a shower or wash your hands? There could be a few reasons for this. There could be a clog in your main water line preventing accurate water flow, there is a leak in your water line, or your city provides you with low pressure water. While leaks and clogs will require repairs to your piping, city-provided low water pressure can be fixed with the help of a booster pump! A pressure booster pump will help to increase your water pressure without invasive installation. For installation or repair of your booster pump in Oak Park, Il, call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 today.

What Does A Water Booster Pump Do?

Made to boost the pressure of water in your systems, the booster pump does just what its name says and boosts the water pressure! You’ll find the water booster pump located by the water line so it can pressurize the water already in the system and push it to its intended destination. While not a necessity for your plumbing system, it does increase comfort and ease when using your water.

Grinder Pump Repair

Sewage Grinder Pump Repair

Grinder Pump Repair

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A grinder pump plays a critical role in the plumbing system, helping to grind up waste so that it flows through the piping easier to prevent clogs. If clogs do occur, nasty repercussions like backflow could happen where sewage and dirty water begin to come out of the taps and sinks. If you notice that your drains are looking backed up, sewage has leaked onto your lawn, or are hearing strange noises in from your pump or in your pipelines, then you need sewage grinder pump repair. For grinder pump repair in Oak Park, Il, call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 today.

How Do Grinder Pumps Work?

Located in an underground tank or well, the grinder pump turns on which its sensors indicate that the tank’s water level has reached a certain level. To keep the tank from overflowing, the grinder pump activates and grinds up any debris that its sharp teeth can pulverize to any smaller bits. Similar to how a lift station will push sewage up uphill to the city sewers if a home is at a lower elevation, a grinder pump can be used in the same fashion and grind up waste to make the transport of the sewage easier uphill.

Grinder pumps have small sharp blades that are only made to cut up human waste and tissue paper. Clogs will happen if you flush non flushable and nonbiodegradable materials like kitty litter, diapers, plastics objects, feminine products, pills, or grease.

Lift Station Pump Repair

Lift Station Pump Repair

lift station pump repair

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The lift station pump lifts and drains water or sewage from a low to a high elevation. Since the lift station pump is made up of the control panel and the pump, both parts could break. One part cannot work without the other. Luckily, Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts are experts in plumbing parts repair and replacement and can provide lift station pump repair in Oak Park, Il when you call us at 708-934-4115 to set up an appointment.

Why Are Lift Station Pumps Important?

Lift station pumps work in a very similar fashion to grinder pumps, only they don’t chop up waste. Like grinder pumps, when a sewage reaches a certain level in the septic tank, the control panel of the lift station pump activates and tells the pump that it needs to drain the tank to make more room and prevent overflow. The lift station pump then pumps the excess wastewater out of the home and to the city sewage lines.

Septic Tank Repairs

Septic Tank Repair

Septic Tank Repair

When Your Septic Tank Is Damaged or Needs Service, It Can Cause Problems For Your Home.

A septic tank is the giant tank that holds a residence’s wastewater. The tank can be above ground or underground. The cleaning and pumping schedule varies depending on household size, tank size, and how much waste is produced, but all waste tanks will eventually need septic tank cleaning or an inspection. If you need septic tank pumping in Oak Park, Il, call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 for professional septic tank cleaning services today.

Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning Service

The septic tank does not drain itself and only stores wastewater. Additional plumbing tools like sewage ejector pumps, grinder pumps, and lift station pumps help regulate sewage levels inside the tank but can’t prevent clogging, leaks, or overall maintenance and cleanliness. If you are noticing bad odors in your yard or are seeing wastewater on your lawn, then your septic tank is leaking. Call calling Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts and using our sewer camera inspection services, we can spot the crack or leak inside your sewer line or septic tank and repair it. Rarely does your septic tank need a full replacement, but if that is the case, we do provide septic tank installation services. Our licensed, bonded, and certified plumbers will perform a through septic tank inspection before making the decision to replace your tank.

Sump Pump

Sump Pumps Repair

The sump pump is probably the most well known plumbing pump. Used to prevent flooding and overflowing of water levels in lower level rooms like basements, garages, and laundry rooms, the sump pump regulates water levels in your home. Whether your sump plumbing has stopped working and you need repairs or you are wanting sump pump replacement or installation, Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts is the plumbing company to call for expert plumbing pump services. For sump pump installation in Oak Park, Il, call us at 708-934-4115 today.

Sump Pump Installation: Do You Need It?

Sump Pump Installation

Sump Pumps Are a Great Way to Prevent Flooding in Low Lying Areas.

You Live in Rain Prone Areas: Even if your home is elevated, continuous rainfall overwhelms gutters and leads to them overflowing and flooding. This creates a pool of water on the ground around your house that can seep into your lower leveled rooms.

You Live in A Flat Area: If you live in a flat area where water pools, then you definitely need a sump pump! The sump pump will help drain flood water in your home since there will be no slopes for the water to drain itself.

Your Sump Pump’s Age: If your current sump pump is 10 years old, it is time for a replacement.

Sump Pump Failure: A sump pump runs on electricity, so if you ever have a power outage from a major storm, your sump pump turns off. Being prepared by installing a sump sump backup that runs on batteries or a generator will still work without the need for electricity and will continue to drain water.

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It is understandable that a plumbing pump is easy to forget about when it comes to your plumbing maintenance. They are small and often well hidden either underground or inside larger plumbing appliances. But that doesn’t mean these critical parts should be ignored and forgotten! If you are having plumbing issues like clogs, leaks, backflow, or flooding, then you may have an issue with a plumbing pump. Call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 for plumbing pump repair or replacement in Oak Park, Il today.