Tank Water Heaters

Ever go into your home’s garage and see a giant tank, or open the wrong pantry door and come face-to-face with it? That’s a water heater tank, and they are typically placed in out-of-the-way places in homes to help homeowners conserve space and decorum. These big tanks can store anywhere from 30-60 gallons of hot water at a time, and they automatically refill when they reach a certain level. If you are interested in getting a water tank heater installed in your Oak Park, Il home, call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts today at 708-934-4115.

Water Tank Heater Types

A Tank Water Heater Helps You to Have Longer, Hotter Showers

Unlike a tankless water heater, a tank water heater always has preheated water ready to go thanks to either the electric coils or gas pilot light heating the stored water in the tank. Since there is always water in the tank, this is beneficial for emergency situations, as you will have available water should you ever have plumbing issues. Tank water heaters are the preferred choice for larger households who need to be able to get hot water supplied to multiple pipes at the same time. Water heater tanks are affordable and easy to install or repair.

All water tank heaters come with great benefits, but certain types will be the most advantageous to you. If you have electricity as your energy source, electric water heaters attach to your power line. Gas water heaters attach to your gas line and heat water quicker. If you don’t mind spending a little more upfront but reaping the rewards later, get a heat pump water heater that acts as both a space heater and water heater!

Electric Hot Water Heater

Electric Water Heater Replacement and Installation

Electric water heaters are the most common form of a water tank heater seen in American households since most homes use electricity over gas as their energy source. The way an electric hot water heater works is that there are metal coil wires at the bottom of the water tank that get heated up when prompted by the electricity in the circuit breaker. The coils and the heating elements on the side of the tank then begin to heat the stored water in the tank, and hot water is available through the water line. For installation or repair of your electric water heater in Oak Park, Il, call the plumbers at Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 today. We are experts in water tank heater repair services.

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Electric Water Heater Maintenance

Because water is stored in the water tank, leaks can happen due to malfunctioning water supply connections like broken valves or loose pipes. Water also has minerals in it that leaves behind sediment residue that clogs pipes and corrodes metal over time. Getting a water softener or dip tube can eliminate these problems. If you are experiencing low water pressure, it could be due to loose hoses or your tank not filling up all the way. If your water is not getting as hot as it once was, this could be a result of your electric hot water heater junction box failing, preventing electrical circuits from heating up your water.

An electric water heater has a lifespan of 10 years, so if yours starts acting up, it may be time for a replacement. The plumbers at Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts provide comprehensive inspections that can help you identify whether you need to replace your electric hot water heater or if you can get a few more years out of it with a quality repair job.

Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Installation

If you are looking to save money and energy while getting more hot water and hot air in your home, than you should get a heat pump water heater! Water heater heat pumps work like a boiler, where it produces both hot water while being able to provide hot air to your home. In the summer, a heat pump hot water heater will cool your home. If you are interested in getting a heat pump water heater installed in your Oak Park, Il home, call the plumbers at Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 today. They are available in both tank and tankless forms.

Heat Pump Water Heaters Also Function As Space Heaters

What Does a Water Heater Heat Pump Do?

Unlike boilers or space heaters that produce heat, an electric heat pump water heater extracts existing heat from the air or ground and transports it. This is why you are able to save as much as 40% on your energy bills with a heat pump hot water heater- because the machinery uses less energy transporting warm air than it does to create it, which is what increases your energy bill.

There are also hybrid heat pump water heater types available, where they are able to produce both hot air and hot water. For hot air, the water heater heat pump pulls in the cold air and converts it hot air, or visa versa. The bottom half of the tank has water, so when the heat pump water heater is needed to produce hot water, the tank switches from operating as its usual space heater to a water heater. Using the same electrical heating elements in the tank, it heats and send the water to the intended destination. Because a hybrid heat pump water heater is the only tank water heater that functions as both a space heater and water heater, installation prices are more expensive upfront, but energy savings over time are significantly lower.

Gas Water Heaters

Propane & Gas Water Heater Replacement and Installation

Tank and tankless water heaters will either use gas or electricity to heat the water. Both energy sources have advantages and disadvantages. For example, while gas water heaters produce heated water quicker, many homeowners don’t have gas lines so they get electric water heaters to easily attach to their already-installed electricity lines. All water heaters have a lifespan of 8 to 10 years, and are responsible for more than 15% of a household’s energy bills. If you are looking to lower the cost of your energy bills, then switching to a gas hot water heater is the way to go, as gas is significantly cheaper than electricity. For installation of a gas water heater in Oak Park, Il, call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115. We are certified and licensed in tank gas water heater installation and repair.

Pros and Cons of a Gas Hot Water Heater

Gas Water Heaters Come With A Temperature Control

There are mostly positives to installing a gas water heater, though there are a few negatives.


  • Quicker Heating Process: The heat from flames will heat a tank full of water more than an hour quicker than heated electric coils will. This is beneficial for large households who have a high demand for hot water and use it quickly.
  • More Energy Savings: Because gas water heaters heat up faster, they use less energy operating.
  • Works When Power Goes Out: Electric water heaters rely on the power lines to heat the water. If you have a storm or blackout, you may not get hot water unless you have a generator backup.


  • More Expensive: A lot of people don’t have gas lines already installed, so installation is required, and costly. Proper ventilation, PVC pipes, and more must be installed for a gas water heater to be able to safely operate.
  • More Dangerous: Gas water heaters use real natural gas which is highly flammable. Gas leaks can occur, so gas companies put a rotten egg smell in the naturally odorless gas to alert homeowners of a gas leak so they can evacuate and not breathe in the noxious fumes.
  • Shorter Lifespan: Gas water heaters do have a slightly shorter lifespan than electric water heaters, of about one year. Water heaters only last an average of 10 years, sometimes up to 13 years.

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If you have a large family or use a lot of hot water, then a tank water heater is recommended. Tankless water heaters only produce hot water on demand and don’t store it. While that is better for energy efficiency, it is a nuisance for people who want to use multiple hot water units at once. For example, with a tankless water heater, a household wouldn’t be able to have someone take a shower while the washing machine was running. With a tank water heater, you can! For water tank heater installation or repair services in Oak Park, Il, call Emergency Sewer and Drain Experts at 708-934-4115 today.