Weekend Home Improvements That Add Value and Comfort

Home Improvements Upgrade & Freshen Up Your Home!

Home improvements come in a variety of options that can freshen up & upgrade the feel of your home!

If you’ve been browsing the pages of architectural magazines, interior design columns or even Pinterest on your down time over the weekend, chances are you’re got home improvements on your mind! When it comes to design and style, the options are limitless and creativity is a virtue! There are numerously colorful and unique options out there, some home improvements can involve technologically advanced appliances to eco-friendly home installations. Some focus more on value whereas others on design elements and look! We’ll give you some home improvement tips that can help you out logistically as well as suggestions that can add value, spruce up the look or add streamlined functionality to your home!

What home improvements require a permit?

While we all love a good DIY to feel accomplished and to save on expenses, certain fixes pose risks or require expert execution due to their level of difficulty. For these cases, permits are required.

Here are some examples of home improvements that require a permit:

  • Changing your roofline
  • Re-roofing structural elements like sheathing, skylights or roofing materials
  • Expanding your house in any way or changing the envelope
  • Installing electrical wires or adding circuits
  • Inserts such as chimneys or fire places
  • Windows, skylights or doors that require new openings
  • Demolishing a load bearing wall
  • Building an addition to your home
  • Building a garage or carport
  • Installing a new HVAC (furnace, A/C or Whole House Humidifier Installation)
  • Installing a new water heater (Tankless Water Heater Installation)

Are home improvements tax deductible?

If you undergo home improvements on your personal residence then your costs are nondeductible personal expenses. However, home improvements provide a tax benefit of reducing tax costs when you sell your home. Home improvements are technically added as a tax basis (the amount of investment into your home.)

How can I increase my home value?

You can increase your home’s value with new or partial installations, improved landscaping, interior design elements, remodeling, renovating and more!

What’s the difference between a renovation and remodel?

Renovation involves restoring a state of disrepair to a state of good repair. It involves restoring, repairing or updating existing structures.

Remodeling works to transform the appearance, structure, function or form of something. It involves transforming or improving the existing design and layout of a room.

What adds the most value to your home?

Bathroom Remodel Upgrades & Fresh Looks!

Marble sink countertops, water basins, accent walls & lighting are great ways to upgrade your bathroom!

If you want to add upscale value to you home, prepare for the higher prices. Ultimately these fixtures are long lasting and most can be technologically or environmentally beneficial improvements!

Here are some of the best home improvements to increase your home’s value.

  • Minor or Major Bathroom Remodels
  • Landscaping
  • Minor Kitchen Remodel (countertops, cabinets, etc.)
  • Exterior Improvements (Front Entry, Vinyl Sliding)
  • Open Floor Plans (attic to bedroom conversion is most popular)
  • Solar panels on your roof
  • Metal Roofing

Budget Home Improvements

If you want to spruce up your place but don’t want to shell out the big bucks, there are lots of quick fixes that will add a splash of color and freshness to your home!

Modern Lighting Enhances Rooms

Light inserts can provide clear ambiance & style, enhancing rooms with more simple or even minimalist styles.

  • Paint: whether it’s adding an accent wall in your kitchen or setting up a color scheme for each room, you can greatly add to the aesthetic and feel of your home!
  • New Handles or Pulls: from glass, marble to polished nickel these embellishments are great accents to your cabinets and doors and instantly modernize or provide elegance to a room’s theme.
  • Light Upgrades: light provides ambiance and mood to the barest rooms! No matter your lighting personality, options range from color lights, Victorian gas lamps, hanging incandescent bulbs, chandeliers and more!
  • Smart Technology: a variety of technological advancements can improve the functionality of your home and all of them can even be connected and programmed to follow a schedule on your phone or tablet! Smarts speakers, doorbell and thermostats are popular choices!

Home Improvements for Seniors

If you’re in your golden years and want improvements that will directly benefit your comfort and accessibility to features of your home or you want easy mobility, here are some home improvements for you to consider!

Keep in mind, seniors 62 years and older living in eligible areas and who meet low-income standards are able to receive federal loans and grants for home repairs!

  • Senior Home Improvements Aid In Safety, Comfort & Mobility

    Home improvements with senior living in mind can greatly assist in safety, mobility & comfort!

    Walk-In Shower: curbless showers make accessibility easier as it eliminates the threshold that you must step over and also provides wheelchair friendly use. Aside from these logistical benefits, these types of showers have actually become very popular due to their sleek and streamlined look.

  • Master Bedroom on First Floor: doesn’t require the use of stairs which decreases risks of falls and assists you when you are too tired to climb.
  • Comfort-Height Toilets: toilets that are a few inches higher make getting on and off easier.
  • Grab Bar Installations: adding these in bathrooms can prevent falls from slippery floors and tubs.
  • Ramps: this is perhaps the most popular improvement as well as the most beneficial for movement in, out and around the home!
  • Adjusting Countertops: adjusting the height of countertops can improve food preparation for those in wheelchairs and scooters.
  • Slip Resistant Flooring: more traction can be added with linoleum or vinyl floors and also adds a softer surface for a fall. Bamboo and cork are popular choices though they are more expensive options.

If you can’t provide for full fixtures, consider partial ones on areas where you know the extra help is essential and necessary for your comfort! Home improvements are great to implement as they assist in the longevity of your home while keeping fresh with the latest trends on the market!

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